Veterinary Care Financial Assistance

Frankie’s Friends Fund

Provides financial assistance grants to family owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care whose caregivers cannot afford the full cost of treatment.


Handicapped Pets Foundation

Dedicated to the health and well-being of elderly, disabled, and injured pets. Donating wheelchairs to pets in need.


Labrador Life Line

Provides financial assistance to Lab owners and rescuers in need.


The Mosby Foundation

Assists in the care of critically sick, injured, abused, and neglected dogs

through financial support and public education.


The Murphee & Sugar Angel Foundation

Pet owners who care for critically ill pets, and who are experiencing severe financial strain,

may be eligible for up to $500 in financial assistance.


The Magic Bullet Fund

Helps people who have made room in their homes and hearts

for a canine companion, but do not have the financial resources to provide cancer treatment.


Red Rover

Helps animals rescued from disaster or neglect,

domestic violence victims seeking safety with their pets, and animals with life-threatening illness.


Pet Insurance – Compare Plans

Should your pet need emergency veterinary care following an accident,

or require treatment for an illness or health problem, pet health insurance

helps cover the cost of your vet bills, so you can rest assured

your pet can receive the best possible care.


Create Your Own Fundraising



A credit card that allows you to pay, interest free over a period of time, your pet’s medical bills. After the maximum time period is reached, interest is charged.



Provides pet parents with simple transparent payment plans.