Friends of METTA

Re-homing Program

Are you needing to re-home your dog? METTA Rescue Family is not currently accepting surrendered dogs. Instead we'd like to help you re-home your dog with our Friends of METTA Program.

How does it work?

1. Sign the pet you need help re-homing up for Adopt-A-Pet's Re-homing program at: Be sure to save your pet’s Adopt-A-Pet profile link as you will need it for the Friends of METTA application in step two.

2. Complete the Friends of METTA application below. 

3. You continue to provide a loving home for your dog while:
    • We courtesy post your dog on our social media
    • Adopt-A-Pet will help you find, screen, and meet potential adopters for your pet, as well as collect the re-homing donation
    • You are welcome to bring your person-friendly/dog friendly dog to METTA Adoption events 

Friends of METTA Application

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Adopt-A-Pet's Re-homing Program