Friends of METTA

Re-homing Program

Are you needing to re-home your dog? METTA Rescue Family is not currently accepting surrendered dogs. Instead we'd like to help you re-home your dog with our Friends of METTA Program.

How does it work?

1. Sign the pet you need help re-homing up for Adopt-A-Pet's Re-homing program at: Be sure to save your pet’s Adopt-A-Pet link as you will need it for the Friends of METTA application in step two.

2. Complete the Friends of METTA application below. You will need to provide proof that your dog is up-to-date on vaccines and has been spayed/neutered.

3. You continue to provide a loving home for your dog while:
    • We courtesy post your dog on our social media
    • Adopt-A-Pet will help you find, screen, and meet potential adopters for your pet, as well as collect the re-homing donation
    • You are welcome to bring your person-friendly/dog friendly dog to METTA Adoption events 

Friends of METTA Application

Meet the Friends of METTA Dogs Currently Available

The dogs listed below are currently available for adoption through our Friends of METTA re-homing assistance program. This program was created to help reduce the number of dogs in our local shelters and/or given away to unfit homes by assisting pet owners in re-homing their dog in a responsible way.

Please note: we do not personally know these dogs, nor are they under the care of the rescue. They are under the care of their owners who will work with you directly via Adopt-A-Pet if you are interested in their dog, or know someone who is, please click their photo below which will take you to their Adopt-A-Pet link.

Adoptable Dogs




Below are the Friends of METTA dogs that have found a new loving home!

Adoptable Dogs

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Adopt-A-Pet's Re-homing Program