Thinking About Fostering?

Do you live in either Volusia, Seminole, Orange, or Lake county FL? Great! Please read the Foster FAQs below then fill out our screening form and we'll be in contact soon. (Note: If you have not heard back from us after 5 days, please be sure to check your Junk/Spam Folder for our response).

Foster Screening Form

Why Should I foster?

Foster families provide a stable and loving temporary home until a forever home is found. Each and every foster saves a life in desperate need. Fosters are he foundation of METTA Family Rescue. Without you, we would not be able to rescue any dogs. Fostering is so very rewarding, knowing you're positively impacting the life of your foster dog and their future lifetime family.

What does a foster family provide?

A safe and loving temporary home with stability, cuddles, kisses, exercise, and playtime.

How long will my foster dog stay with me?

There are different variables that affect each situation but it's typically a three to nine month commitment.

What is the foster family responsible for?

Teaching their foster dog basic house manners and socialization. Taking their foster to adoption events. Making their foster available for meet and greets with potential adopters. Taking their foster to veterinary appointments (paid for by the rescue). And providing the rescue with updated photos and information about their foster dog.

What if I have to go out of town?

With proper notice, we will provide a temporary foster. If none are available the dog can temporarily be boarded (paid for by the rescue).

What does the rescue provide me?

We will provide you with a foster tool kit that includes: a collar, ID tag, leash, and a crate for your foster dog.  We will also provide all medication (including their monthly heart worm preventative) and cover all approved medical expenses. Upon request we can also provide toys, treats, and food for your foster dog. We will continually promote your foster dog for adoption on our website and social media. We will provide you with continued support including foster support group meetings.

What are the requirements and expectations of a foster?

You must be at least 21 to foster. All pets in your home must be spayed/neutered. You must always keep the collar and tag on your foster dog at all times. Your foster dog must be on a leash when outside of the home. You may not take your foster dog to dog parks or dog runs. Foster dogs must be crated when home alone. At no time is a foster dog to be tied up outside. You must immediately notify us in the event that your foster dog goes missing, is injured, or becomes ill. Loaned foster supplies must be returned in a timely manner or used for your next METTA foster dog. In order to help get your foster dog adopted in a timely manner, you will be required to attend adoption events or make your foster dog available for those events. You will also be required to send quality photos of the dog and keep us updated on their progress.

What if I decide I want to adopt my foster dog?

That's fantastic! Let us know as soon as you feel like your foster dog will make the perfect permanent addition to your family. If the dog has been medically cleared and is ready for adoption, we'll have you complete the adoption application and upon approval, you can adopt your foster dog! If you the dog isn't yet ready for adoption, we'll put you in our foster-to-adopt program. We'll no longer post the dog under our "adoptable dogs" and as soon as the dog is ready for adoption, your application will be the first one we consider.